Wednesday, October 15, 2008

"Real Girls Get Down..."

Hey all, I'm just here to remind you folks that David Banner will be here THIS FRIDAY at the Venue Nightclub.

Now, DB is a pretty great guy aside from Hip-hop with his humanitarian efforts, but that's not really why I'm giving this show a shout out.

3 of my homeboys are getting ready to rip the stage in opening for Mr. Banner, one Mr. V, one Gemini, and one gentleman who I'll just call Boogs-Milli. If you go to UF, and haven't heard any of these names, you're slacking on ya game.

Mr. V is a Miami based rapper who has gained notoriety throughout the hip-hop community via live shows and social networking sites such as MySpace (Http:// He is known for his lyrical talents , patented swag, and outside-the-box song concepts. He hopes to continue his success with the release of his mixtape "Light Blue Heavy Green."

My main man Gemini here, wait, let me give him the mic:
Gemini Soundz has created a new fresh-dynamic sound. Coming from south Florida and listening to a broad genre of music has allowed him to create dynamic acoustic artwork which pleases the auditory palette. Gemini views music as his craft and he hones his skills 24/7 in order to enhance his abilities and develop new techniques, dynamics, and flows. Gemini already has a surplus of 50 plus tracks under his fresh white belt in only a year’s time. “Writing new music is nothing….its all about inspiration and fresh idea’s” Gemini says about his ability to write new songs at blazing speeds. Gemini’s professional approach has already given him the notoriety to perform with both Methodman & Redman and Snoop Dogg. He has also performed at the largest student run pep-rally known as Gator Growl for the University of Florida.

Hit him up here.

As a young artist, growing up in terms of personality was the farthest thing from Boogs Milli's mind. Born in Brooklyn, New York, Boogs Milli's family moved to Long Island, then finally to Miami. Currently a junior at the University of Florida in Gainesville, here he says is where music became his evolution. Now he proudly rocks the Treble Clef on his chest. A symbol of what he calls his "Guardian". The music business isn't ready for him he says, realizing that his eclectic styles and flow are just a miscegenation of his past and his future, a recognition of truth in music. In the footsteps of such major artists as Lupe Fiasco, Jay-Z, Saigon and Peedi Crakk, Boogs Milli is ready to create his own shoe size figuratively speaking.

Boogs can be found here.

Music and complete art work coming over the next couple of days to get you hyped. Tomorrow, we'll also show love to the man behind the scenes of Gemini's hits.

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