Wednesday, December 10, 2008

"If You Ain't Got No Money..."

"...Take yo broke *ss home."

So was the rallying cry of the night for some people,
as tickets sold out about an hour before the concert
was scheduled to start.

Luckily, my boy Jake came through big time,
and after waiting outside during most of
Matt & Kim's set, we got free tickets.
Gainesville boys!

I'm gonna spare you some lengthy write-up about
the concert, or any kind of review, just know that
the concert was incredibly dope, and if you missed it,
I'm sorry. Not like it was life changing, but that was
one of the top shows of the year. The energy from the crowd
was constant as Chuck and Mikey set the stage on fire,
coming out to their first single on Mountain Dew's
Green Label Sounds, "Delivery Man". They definitely
tried to bring '88 back by flipping some of their songs over MC
Hammer (?) and the "This Is How We Do It" instrumentals.
They invited as many people as could fit on the Common
Grounds stage for the upbeat track, "Bassment Party"
(Where the title of this post comes from...).

And you know they had to "Mikey Rocks" and "Black Mags".

But I would say the most hype track of the night,
well, it's a tie between "What It Is" and "88", in my opinion.

And that's kinda where the write up ended, my bad lol.

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