Sunday, December 14, 2008

"We're On Solid Footing..."

This is a sneaker blog, and we would be ducks
if we didn't cover EVERY aspect of the shoe game,
including hurling them at the foreign leader visiting your country.

Just epitomizes how mad Bush makes people.
So mad, that white people voted in a Black man
instead of his clone *rimshot*.
I'm surprised he dodged that first one though.

Obama would've blocked the shoe and posted up for
the rebound after the second one missed.
Dick Cheney would’ve shot him
(and the guy next to him, "accidentally"),
Karl Rove would’ve had him arrested,
and Anne Coulter would’ve called him a “stupid liberal”,
and then point out that stupid and liberal are redundant.

I'm here all night folks.

1 comment:

Nellz said...

that was fucking funny and then he talking about i dont know what the beef was with him....WTF he acts so absent minded sometimes..smhhhhhhhhhhh