Tuesday, December 9, 2008

"You Can Count On Free"

Don't know if people have been keeping up with
this from day to day, but MC (Philadelphia)
Freeway is releasing a song a day, every day
this month (December), and is calling it the
Month of Madness. I've got the first week compiled
here for you, just in case you don't wanna go searching
for the ones you missed. I'll try and do this every week.

Freeway - Month of Madness (Week 1)

*Somehow forgot to put this up on Sunday*

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Mr. Sole Mentality said...

I'm loving what the Roc Team is doing! Just last month Young Chris, of Young Gunz, was dropping a 16 everyday of the month. I wonder who's up next? Beanie, Memphis, or the man himself Jigga???