Friday, January 9, 2009

Air Jordan 2009 Unveiled

Air Jordan 2009 brings new concepts of design,
performance, and style not available in the market.
The shoe introduces Articulated Propulsion Technology
APT), a revolutionary heel system inspired by the carbon
fiber prosthetic used by Paralympians and developed to allow
an explosive forward movement. The heel is also split,
which ensures superior responsiveness by keeping at least
one half of the heel in contact with the ground at all times.

The polished design of the Air Jordan 2009 shoe complements
its performance elements. The design technique of blown glass
inspired the TPU chassis on the outsole. Using this method, each shoe is individually unique and guarantees the ultimate limited edition
experience: a one-of-one collection.

The shoes were designed by Chicago-native Jason Mayden,
subtle design touches include ties back to Michael Jordan’s
legacy that include heel detail references Michael Jordan’s
statue in front of the Chicago Bulls’ United Center:
The left shoe reads “Greatest there ever was,” and the right,
“Greatest there ever will be.”

A special edition of the Air Jordan 2009 will release on January
31st for $230 with a wider public release to follow on February 14th for $190

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