Monday, January 19, 2009

I Have A Dream

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day
everyone one! I hope everyone is
enjoying their day off, but I hope
people remember the reason why they
have this day off. Today is suppose to
be the remembrance of a phenomenal man.
The great Martin Luther King Jr! King is
the one of the main reason, why my best friend
is of another race. The reason why we have
interracial relationships around the world.
True story, I was at Walgreens today and the
cashier asked a little girl, "Do you know
why you have a day off today from school?"
The little girl responded, "I don't know."
I felt terrible that she did not know the reason
why and that her mother didn't explain to her
the essence of what today marked. I feel it
is important that we spread the knowledge amongst
our peers, because we learn best from what is around
us. So in remembrance of a great leader who have created
a dream that we all are living today for the most part.
The dream that put President-Elect Barack Obama in the
White House. This is one of the infamous speeches of
American History "I Have A Dream"

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