Friday, January 2, 2009

Nike 1World Project 'CLOT' Air Force 1

These are sick! I'm upset it doesn't
have a US release! These bad boys are
set to release January 16, 2009 at Juice
in Hong Kong and ACU in Shanghai.
The Nike Air Force 1 “CLOT” is inspired by
three themes: luck, prosperity and happiness.
It features an extremely detailed Clot Royale
Deluxe Silk upper. Supposedly, this texture is
used a great deal by the Chinese culture.
The upper also features imprinted Clot graphics
as does the hexagon-shaped Chinese Candy Box it comes in.

The most interesting feature this sneaker contains
is the two-layer design feature on the upper.
When peeling off the candy red layer on the surface,
one will see a dark leather upper in its place.
Supposedly, this feature is inspired by the thought of
“never judging a book by its cover.”

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Mr eXcLuSiVe said...

Yo feeling the box heavy !!!!
good post