Thursday, January 1, 2009

Nike Air Jordan 1 Low Phat - Black & White Colorways

Nike Air Jordan 1 Low Phat will be released in
the Spring of 2009. This shoe is being made
in 2 classic combinations. Nike will release
more information in the Spring.
Let’s look at the black colorway first. The toe box
is black. Its mudguard is in cement print and this
accent looks outstanding. The shoe lace holes are
on two panels of grey colored strips. A partial shoe
strap meeting at the start of the shoe laces further
accentuates this area.The black colored shoe lace
continues the look of the black colorway. The heel
has a generous panel of cement print. The Nike
logos are done in red color and they look outstanding.

The white midsole is white and a striking contrast
to the rest of the shoe. The outsole is black to
complement the white midsole.
The white colorway has a similar design. One
obvious difference is that the shoe lace panel is
white in color and not grey as in its counterpart.
I prefer the black colorway. The colors are good
for Spring when the outdoors have mushy soil.
The white colorway will be good as an indoor shoe.

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