Monday, February 16, 2009

Charles Hamilton Mixtapes

I swear the young bull is working
harder than ever. Despite his beef
with Rhymefest, the kid can hold
his own weight. He dropped two mixtapes
within the same week. Check them out!

01. Cinematic Hallucinations (Intro)
02. Scorpion
03. Neverland
04. Romantic Vents
05. Re-Anna
06. (Commercial Break)
07. You Too
08. Tengo Una Pregunta
09. Psycho Bitch
10. The Penthouse Elevator
11. In Case It Doesn’t Work Out
12. In Case I Actually Get Her

Charles Hamilton- Well Isn't This Awkward

01. Pleasant Overthinking
02. High School Reunion / Collide a Scope
03. Grounded For Life
04. Ignore Ant
05. Cali Oriental
06. Talent Entrance (feat. Show Tufli)
07. An Angel’s Anneurism (Pleasant Overthinging Part 2)
08. truth kills opposition (Love TKO)
09. Every Now And Then
10. Based On Feeling
11. Freshman Orientation
12. Get On The Bandwagon
13. Something
14. Cold Chillin’

Charles Hamilton- My Brain is Alive

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