Friday, February 6, 2009

"Something To Hold On To"

So, with this^ man and Erykah Badu having their
first child this week, I've been listening to a bit
more of Mr. Electronica. To tell the truth, this was
actually spurred on by the NahRight comment section,
where one day a bunch of people were bigging up tracks
that WEREN'T "Exhibit A (Transformations)"
(which is the troof, btw). I felt like I was missing out,
because while I thought cat was alright, I didn't see
what they had seen. So, I went to iTunes, and made a
smart playlist for dude, and hit play.


Don't tell me any of you have known how NICE Jay Elec
is, and haven't told me. I definitely let the entire
playlist ride out. There are a couple standout tracks
that I must highlight, however, and they all happen to
be from this mixtape:

You need to listen to "Dealing", "Renaissance Man"
(is that Marsha on the hook?), "Something To Hold On To",
"Victory Is In My Clutches", and "Trolley Stop".
Go do that, then come back and try and argue with

Jay Electronica - What The F*ck Is A Jay Electronica?

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