Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Charity Shoe Drive!!!

Hey Everyone,
If you have old shoes that you would
like to donate to the Women's History Month/
Sole Mentality Charity Shoe Drive, then you
can contact me via email (
or come by Turlington Plaza on UF campus
and drop them off from 12 to 3 starting
next week Monday through Wednesday. Help put someone
else in your shoes.

Please do not donate shoes that are falling
apart, have holes, an unbearable smell, and
so forth. The easiest way to know what kind of
shoes to donate is ask yourself, "Would I wear them?"

1 comment:

MezmerEyezzeD said...

Yo, I've got mad shoes that I need to get rid of! Too bad I'm in DC....Let me know if there is a place around here I can donate it to if you know.